My Primal Success Story

During my teenage years I battled insomnia, had very low energy and found I had to take naps most days. Not only that but I would develop sinusitis what seemed like every time the weather changed, often escalating to bronchitis and at one point, pneumonia. This continued throughout my adult life and after under going multiple tests that determined I didn’t have narcolepsy (which was a common joke among my family and friends) or detectable thyroid issues, I accepted the fact that this is just the way I was and that was it. I also experienced many “monthly” issues and had to have my first surgery for endometriosis by the time I was 23.

Like many others, I spent a lot of my adult life yo-yo dieting and trying to master real health and fitness. (Let’s be real, all I really cared about was how that translated in a mirror). This meant to A LOT of time spent on treadmills and elliptical machines at 6 in the morning, a lot of money spent on Lean Cuisines, lite/low-fat this or that, and for a short time, vegetarianism. Even though I was doing the “right” things, I found myself even more exhausted, puffy and feeling hungrier than ever.

Then about three years ago, one of my dear friends, Leslie Klenke, told me she was starting “a new diet” called The Primal Blueprint and gave me a little background on what it was about. Leslie and I were already experienced partners in crash dieting and often participated in the “spaghetti test” (throw it at the wall to see if it sticks) together… but this, this actually seemed to make logical sense. Eat the way we evolved to eat over thousands of years of evolution? Who knew? I ordered The Primal Blueprint book and cookbooks and got started just two days later.

Then something even more interesting happened, I had been looking for a career transition from the finance industry for some time and found myself browsing jobs to make myself feel better, not really thinking anything would come of it. Oddly enough, the second post I clicked on was a listing for The Primal Blueprint. I Immediately recognized that this was the opportunity I’d been looking for (kismet if you will). I immediately updated my resume and sent it in and in less than one week after I first heard about The Primal Blueprint, I was sitting in front of Mark Sisson, the man himself, explaining why I believed I could be a contribution to his team at Primal Nutrition.

Three years later I find myself serving as the Community Manager for the vibrant Mark’s Daily Apple blog and The Primal Blueprint. During this time I’ve quit chronic cardio, started heavy lifting, and have more energy than I had when I was a teenager. Naps are no longer needed and the seasonal sinus infections have greatly subsided. I now respect my body’s cues and limitations. I eat delicious, real food when I’m hungry and get outside as much as I can.

And if all of that wasn’t great enough,  I met the love of my life right across the hall in the shipping department, (scandal!) and we married this past October.

Being involved in the Primal Community has offered more knowledge, experience and blessings than I ever saw coming. It just goes to show that following your heart and intuition can never do you wrong.